What’s in the bag activity

What’s in the bag activity

This is a fun activity for kindergarten students ages 6-8. However, as with any activity it depends on how the Teacher teaches it or modifies it in order for it to work for a given group of students. This is one gets the students really excited and a bit out of control. But it’s all in good fun because they are learning something as well as having a good time.

This is what you do

Bring a bag to class with all sorts of different things inside the bag. It can be any bag, plastic bag etc but the important thing is that the objects inside the bag be different from each other. It can be full of coins, book, pencil, sticker, glasses, ring, scissor or anything that the students don’t already know and you want them to learn. Then,

  1. Say out loud, “What’s in the bag?”
  2. Have the students repeat this phrase back to you
  3. Take the items out of the bag one at a time and hold them up
  4. Say the name of the object and have the students repeat it
  5. Then put it back in the bag
  6. Do this for all the objects
  7. Then,
    Give the students an opportunity to identify the objects you just went over.

  8. So, after all the objects are back in the bag, pick a student and tell them I want….(object name)
  9. The student then will find the object you named, hold it up for the class and if they are correct, have the class clap for them. Repeat until all the objects have been reviewed.
  10. That’s it

You may download the word file to carry you with to class.


What’s in the bag [restrict] What’s in the bag[/restrict]

The students learn two key phrases with this activity: “What’s in the bag?” and “I want….” and of course the objects you just went over as a class.



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