Teach your kids how to give directions with this lesson

Teach your kids how to give directions with this lesson

Give Directions

This is a easy to follow lesson on giving directions. It is an engaging lesson that kids can easily understand. Here is how I taught it:


I told the kids that we were going to continue the travel chapter with giving directions to a stranger. I then told them that a lady is lost and it is up to them to get her where she wants to go. If any of them give her the proper directions without getting her lost by using the wrong turns etc they will earn a piece of candy at the end of class.

The Meat

  1. I went over the key language. 1. Go straight. 2. Turn left. 3. Turn right. 4. It is next to… 5. It is behind…. etc
  2. Then I assigned each student a destination to direct the lady. i.e student one, you will direct her when she wants to go to the post office.
  3. When the student successfully navigates her to the proper destination without errors, I made the class clap for them and so one and so on.
  4. If they made a mistake, I would have the entire class repeat the proper course with me. You can do this when they get it right also before clapping for the student.
  5. And when we arrive near the end of the power point, I made the students write the questions on the power points as we rehearse them
  6. The perfect direction givers got their piece of candy

Here is a good warm up activity called land mines for this lesson.


This was a very successful lesson that the students followed and understood well. And the reason I made them write down the question is so that the next day I can tell them to open their notebooks to those questions and then ask them each to give me directions using the classroom objects.


Use the worksheet I have created based on the power point for them to review the a day after the lesson. If you create a better one or want to add to this lesson please do so here.


  1. Giving Directions Power Point (ppt. 95,03,07,10) [restrict …] Giving Directions Power Point (ppt. 95,03,07,10) [/restrict]
  2. Learning about Directions worksheet [restrict …] Learning about Directions worksheet [/restrict]



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