Different types of greetings lesson

Different types of greetings lesson

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This is a lesson to teach your students different types of greetings based on the situation. There is a lesson plan already included for a step for step guide on teaching it. The lesson covers:

  1. Telephone greeting.
  2. Informal greeting.
  3. Polite greeting.
  4. Formal greeting.

You may modify for the age level you are teaching. Here are the files you will need.


  1. Greetings Power point[restrict …]Greetings Power point[/restrict]
  2. Greetings Word Search[restrict …]Greetings Word Search[/restrict]
  3. Greetings lesson plan[restrict …]Greetings lesson plan[/restrict]
  4. Telephone greeting video[restrict …]Telephone greeting video[/restrict]
  5. Informal greeting video[restrict …]Informal greeting video[/restrict]
  6. Formal greeting video[restrict …] Formal greeting video[/restrict]
  7. Polite greeting video[restrict …]Polite greeting video[/restrict]
  8. Best friends greeting video[restrict …]Best friends greeting video[/restrict]

I hope you can find it useful. If you have suggestions or comments, see the form :). Cheers


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