A fun lesson on Mexican Food

A fun lesson on Mexican Food

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This is a lesson that introduces the kids to Mexican food. A lot of them think of Mexican food as American food for obvious reasons. This lesson points them to where Mexican food comes from, the ingredients used in it and how to make it.

In the power point there is already a taboo game that reviews the information covered. There is also a make your own worksheet that they can work on in teams to make their own version of Mexican food.

How I teach it

I introduce the Mexican culture and its influence in American cuisine. I then pass out the reaction worksheet to each student.

I go through the power point with the class and have them repeat each food with me. As we come across each food I have the students circle their reaction to the food on the worksheet I handed out to them (Reaction Worksheet) below.

This worksheet is also meant to keep them on task so that they are not doodling around while I am talking. When we are done with the power point and reviewed what to expect from the on-power-point quiz and discussion, I first hand out the quiz to each student to fill out. When they are done I put them in groups of 3-4. My classes have minimum 28 students so you can make the groups according to the class size.

After the groups are all set up, I hand them the create your own worksheet. The group writes a shopping list, create a Mexican recipe and how to make it of their own and present it to the class.

Obviously you will run out of time so this will end up being a two part lesson for most teachers.

videos on slides

Slide 6 has an embedded Youtube video that you can click on to show the students how to make refried beans.

Slide 25 with the Nachos has a Youtube video on how to make Mexican rice. I added this because I told them that one can also add rice and refried beans to the nachos.


  1. mexican food
  2. Mexican Food Lesson Quiz
  3. Reaction worksheet
  4. Create your own dish worksheet

I hope this works for your class it did for mine. Cheers


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